Beautiful, Unique & Resiliant

Copper roofing is a very unique type of metal roof. At Liberty Sheet Metal we understand the complexity of a great looking copper roof. Copper roofing offers a character that no other metal roof does. Its appearance can be more traditional or very modern. 

Copper roofing’s ability to resist the elements makes it a great roofing option for many Architects and business owners alike. In the last few years, new tooling and installation methods have made it easier and more economical then ever before. 

Look in our Gallery for more pictures of our copper roofing projects.

We Have the Experience to Provide Complex Copper Roofs

When one of our customers needed their aged 30,000 sq. ft. copper roof replaced they chose Liberty Sheet Metal.  This was a complex job that needed an experienced company to handle it efficiently and LSM was the go-to company.

The project was completed on time and under budget!
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